Just Another Blog Post: Archive from July 12, 2017: Cross-Posted from SparkPeople.com

Alright everyone, I’ve put this off long enough. It’s time for another blog post. I’ve got my Josh Garrels playing in the background, my coffee is hot, and my water bottle is full.

Confession time. Since my last post, I’ve GAINED 15 lbs. 15. That’s quite a lot in only 3 months time. I’ve tossed all my microchanges and goals out the window. I’ve binge eaten and stuffed myself out of fear, feelings of inadequacy, depression, and just plain compulsiveness and gluttony. 

But no more!! Today is a new day! I may be re-starting for the 100th time, but at least I am re-starting!

Re-starting Micro Goals:
1) Set my alarm for 6:00. Allow myself two snoozes, putting me up by 6:18am. 
2) Stop drinking coffee after Noon. 
3) Order a medium latte from Starbucks instead of a large. 
4) Buy a bottle of water from the checkout line instead of a soda. 
5) Carry a water bottle everywhere I go and keep it full as often as I can. 
6) Walk around the church building first thing when I come into work, during/after lunch, and at the end of the day. 
7) Log in to SparkPeople every day, even if it’s just the mobile app. 
8) Track as much food and exercise as I can, but at the minimum, track water intake. 
9) Start taking HydroxyCut 
10) Whenever I start to emotionally eat because of sadness, fear, or anxiety, I’m going to put my hand on wherever it hurts – usually my throat, chest, or belly – and tell myself, “Abigail, it’s going to be okay.” We’ll see if being able to self-soothe will allow me to be more aware of what I’m eating and more present while eating it, and not just emotionally bingeing. 

I’m sure I’ll add more later, but this is my current change list. 

Next up, re-doing my rewards list. Really, not much changes on this one, but now I have to add new goals and rewards. 

220: “New” dress from thrift store 
215: Cheap Webkinz from dollar store, AC Moore, or Amazon 
210: Buy the cheapest item off my Amazon wish list 
205: “New” dress from thrift store 
200: MEGA-GOAL!! I get to purchase the It-Works weight loss and wrap system! 
195: Cheap Webkinz 
190: Buy cheapest CD off my Amazon wish list 
180: “New” dress from thrift store 
175: Buy cheapest book off my Amazon wish list 
170: MEGA-GOAL!! Celebrate pre-pregnancy weight with Hubby by going on a fancy date! 
165: Cheap Webkinz 
160: Buy cheapest DVD off my Amazon wish list 
155: Crazy Daisies for both work and home 
150: “New” dress from thrift store 
145: Celebrate reaching pre-wedding weight with a mani-pedi! 
140: MEGA-GOAL!! A one-year GlossyBox Subscription! 
135: Nose ring!! 
130: NEW dress from NY & Co! 
125: New Webkinz from e-store! 
120: FINAL GOAL!! Buy that purple stand mixer I’ve always wanted!!!!! 

We’ll see how this goes. I’ve been incredibly lazy and unmotivated, but I have a great support system and a desire to watch this weight go down!! 

New year. New me. 

Originally posted on SparkPeople.com at https://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6386520

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