Raise Your Hand If…: January 23, 2019: Cross-Posted from SparkPeople.com

Sabotaging thoughts are a real thing, yo. You know the ones. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said:

“I already blew my calorie count, I might as well eat badly for the rest of the day and start over tomorrow.”

“I haven’t exercised all week. I am just too lazy to do this.” 

And my personal favorite: “All my motivation and energy are gone. I’ll never be skinny and pretty again.” 


Thoughts hurt. 

Thoughts can make you want to quit. 

Thoughts can sabotage. 

Or… stay with me here… negative thoughts can help you get back on track. 

My journal prompt last night was to break down my sabotaging thoughts into actual facts to see how to make it better. 

1) Remember a sabotaging thought you’ve had since beginning of the program. 
~ a. I blew my budget, I might as well have seconds 
~ b. I blew my budget, I might as well binge 
~ c. I blew my budget, I might as well order pizza tonight 

2) Identify what type of thought distortion it is. 
~ a. All-or-nothing thinking. 

3) Write down all the evidence supporting this thought 
~ a. I blew my calorie budget for the day by lunch 
~ b. I can’t un-blow my budget by eating a salad 
~ c. Eating nothing but veggies isn’t going to equal out that entire box of mac n cheese 
~ d. Skipping dinner will just make me binge in the middle of the night 

4) Write down all the evidence against this thought 
~ a. Baby steps are still steps 
~ b. Eating a salad doesn’t negate the over-budget day, but it does at least add more veggies 
~ c. Doing something half-way is still half-a-way further than you were 

5) Reflect on and reinforce your wins – think back to all victories you’ve had in the past two weeks, large and small 
~ a. I’ve hit my step goal numerous times 
~ b. I’ve logged all my meals 
~ c. I’ve reached my water-intake goals almost every day 
~ d. I wear my fitness tracker every day 
~ e. I’ve done my skin care regimen four times 
~ f. I ate well today and yesterday and stayed within my calorie budget 
~ g. I made several healthy choice-swaps in the past two weeks (replaced whole milk with skim, picked an apple over chips, ate grapes instead of cookies, etc.) 

And suddenly, I’m motivated again! 

Yes, I ate a whole container of hummus in one sitting last week, but today I’m determined to stick to my two tablespoons with my pre-cut and washed carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, and tomatoes for afternoon snack at my desk. 

Yes, I ate an entire box of mac n cheese by myself this weekend, but today I’m determined to stick to my chicken caesar salad for lunch and my chicken-chorizo stew for dinner. 

Yes, I ate over 3,000 calories per day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but yesterday I stayed under 1,200 calories and today I will do it again. 

Sabotaging thoughts? No prob. Tomorrow may be rough again but for today, I am a fighter. 

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