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One of the things that helps keep me on track is my Noom app (see previous 2… 3… 4? posts?). Every morning it has specific articles for you to read (they’re short – promise), you see your calorie goal and your step goal for the day, and you take fun quizzes to help you set what you’re learning to your memory.

One of my tasks from Sunday (I know, I’m two days late) was to create a “Temptation Bundle.” A temptation bundle is something you WANT to do coupled with something you SHOULD do. This provides instant gratification but requires the exertion of willpower. Over time, your “should” turns into another “want.” 

Example: I want to listen to my audiobook or podcast. I should take a walk. So I’ll listen to my podcast while I take a walk. 

This is easier said than done, folks. 

So my assignment for today (well, 2 days ago) is to create at least 3 temptation bundles to help me turn my shoulds into wants. 

List W: 
Read a book 
Eat mac n cheese 
Play Webkinz 
Make a new iTunes playlist 
Binge watch the Big Bang Theory 
Have lunch or coffee with a friend 
Listen to a podcast 
Write on this blog (true story!) 

List S: 
Eat more vegetables 
Walk more 
Drink (even more) water 
Workout for 5 minutes (baby steps) 
Work on the budget 
Meal Plan 
Do my Noom assignments 
Log my food intake 

So now, let’s start checking these off the list. 

#1: Do my Noom assignments by updating this blog! (Well that one was easy.) 
#2: Snack on snap peas and baby carrots while binge watching TBBT. 
#3: Log my food intake before eating the mac n cheese to encourage me to stick to one serving (as opposed to three). 
#4: Take a walk while listening to a podcast 
#5: Have lunch or coffee with a friend that knows how to meal plan and ask them to teach/help me. 
#6: Make a new iTunes playlist and work out to it! 
#7: For each Webkinz pet heart I fill up, I have to drink half a cup of water. 
#8: Read a book and work on the budget? There may be no way to really bundle this one, but 7/8 ain’t bad! 

And ta-da! Eventually, I will start to enjoy doing my S list! 
Thanks, Noom. 

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