Updated Plans for Summer

One of the hard parts about starting over or resetting my Noom curriculum is that it gives me an excuse or a fall back for my failure to stick to the plan.  Someone in my group coaching – on Noom – pointed that out to me today.  At first, I was offended, but I realized as I thought about it more that she’s probably right. 

To a certain extent, my falling behind is legitimate – I have a full-time job, a 5-year-old, a husband, a church community, and daily housework and chores to do: If it comes down to sleeping 20 more minutes or doing my Noom app for 20 minutes in the morning, I’m probably more likely to pick the sleep.

To a different certain extent, my falling behind is, well, exactly what my group-mate says it is.  I think, “It’s okay if I fall too far behind, I’ll just reset it back to where I left off.”  It gives me an excuse to allow myself to fall behind. I’m enabling myself to fail.  Talk about insightful and enlightening.

That said, I’m debating whether to rewind again or to try to commit to doing 2 or 3 days at a time until I’m caught up.  I’m over two weeks behind in the curriculum and when it gets to be too far behind, I feel overwhelmed and discouraged and talk myself out of even trying, so rewinding to where I left off feels like a good choice.  But at the same time, I need to keep moving forward and rewinding seems like the opposite of moving forward.  And I need to move forward.  I need to keep trying.  I need to keep working.  Keep going. 

Keep. Moving. Forward.

I’ll make my decision tonight about rewinding or doubling up, but in the meantime, here’s the current plan.  Transparently, I only have about 50% motivation to actually follow the plan, but, having a plan and not sticking to it is still better than having no plan at all.

June 10-15: Step goals ONLY (no planned additional workout)
Step goals: Daily, increase by 150-300 each day, using Noom to track.  Starting with tomorrow at 1,100 steps (or more), by next Sunday I should be up to 2,150 minimum, 3,200 maximum per day.

Breakfast: Plain greek yogurt with frozen strawberries, and one nutri-grain waffle
Lunch: Small baked sweet potato with pinto beans, broccoli, and plain greek yogurt, with applesauce
Snack: Hard-boiled egg and cucumbers
Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with tuna, cheddar, neufchatel, and mixed veggies

Breakfast: Whole grain tortilla, egg whites, and grapes
Lunch: Whole wheat pita with tuna, tomatoes, and lite mayo (1 tsp), and grapes
Snack: hummus and baby carrots
Dinner: Vegan Lentil burgers with tomatoes, lettuce, whole wheat sandwich thins, guacamole, and grapes

Breakfast: Cheerios and milk with blueberries
Lunch: Spinach and romaine salad with feta, chicken breast, croutons, and apple cider vinegar, with oranges
Snack: Hummus and green beans
Dinner: Chicken fried brown rice with egg whites, onions, carrots, broccoli, ginger, and chili garlic

Breakfast: Whole wheat tortilla, cheddar cheese, and a banana
Lunch: Cabbage salad with chicken, colby-jack cheese, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, green onions, tangerines, and light asian mushroom dressing, with apples
Snack: black beans and corn with lemon pepper and rice wine vinegar
Dinner: Chicken marsala with whole wheat spaghetti, broccoli, and parmesan, with a frozen, pureed fruit bar for dessert

Breakfast: Whole wheat pita with turkey and cheddar, and a banana
Lunch: Slow cooker vegetable curry with brown rice (carrots, onions, potatoes, green beans, chickpeas, tomatoes, peas, coconut milk, Indian spices)
Snack: Egg salad with whole wheat pita, cantaloupe
Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with tapenade (black and green olives, garlic, anchovies, capers, and spices), dried tomatoes, and spinach, with a frozen, pureed fruit bar for dessert

Breakfast: Plain greek yogurt with frozen blueberries, one nutri-grain waffle with peanut butter
Lunch: Ham, cheese, lite mayo, and tomatoes on whole-wheat sandwich thins with cantaloupe
Snack: Romaine and spinach salad with turkey and lemon vinegar
Dinner: Lemongrass beef with shallots, brown rice, and baked sweet potato, with blueberries

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