Habits and Chains

Starting weight: 262.5Current weight: 258.7Pounds lost: 3.8Next weight goal: 255.0 Starting BMI: 45.1 Current BMI: 44.5 Starting BMI designation: Morbidly obeseCurrent BMI designation: Morbidly obeseNext BMI goal: 43.8 Water intake goal: 10+ cups (80+ oz) - achieved!Step goal: 2,300 - achieved! Today's post is on what Noom calls the "Behavior Chain." Your behavior chain is … Continue reading Habits and Chains

Rewinds Are What Bring Us Together Today

Make sure you read that right: It’s “rewinds,” not “rewards.”  I’m behind on my Noom curriculum.  Again.  For the bazillionth time.  And I’ve asked my Noom coach to reset my curriculum by two weeks.  Again.  For the bazillionth time.  I feel like an utter failure at this app.  I still believe in it. I still … Continue reading Rewinds Are What Bring Us Together Today

Sleep Deprived: And Other Troubles

When you're sleep-deprived, apparently you feel hungrier. And then you eat more. And usually, worse. Hello midnight "I want cereal" craving! It's nice to meet you! Again. Cause we met this same time last... well, yesterday. So what am I doing up posting at midnight when I'm supposed to be getting my Zzzz's? Well, frankly, … Continue reading Sleep Deprived: And Other Troubles