Just That Much

I have a little boy sleeping next to me. He’s almost five and still sleeps in my room at least twice a week. As much as we try to move him to his own bed, he just needs Mama. Tonight I told him if he was going to stay with me, he had to roll over and go to sleep with the light on and with the sound of my typing in the background or he had to go back to his room to sleep. He complied and almost immediately I heard snoring.

He was that tired. And he needed Mama that much.

I’m not sure how to relate that to my weight-loss journey, except, maybe I just need him that much, too.

With all my struggles, my little man pushes me to do my best.

I tell Hubby, “I need to get my steps in,” and my little man hears, “Mommy needs to take me for a walk!”

I tell Hubby, “I’m having trouble reaching my water-intake goals every day,” and my little man runs to get me a princess cup filled with water. (Because Mommy is a princess, too.)

I tell Hubby, “I need to do better getting more green foods into our dinners,” and the next time we go to the grocery store, my little man runs to the produce coolers, picks up a bag of baby spinach and says, “Mommy! Look, I got your salad, Mommy!” and throws it in the cart.

What’s the point of all this? Well, mainly, the point is that little kids are freaking sponges and you need to be careful what you talk about around them because ultimately they’re smarter than you are and will use your words against you.

Or for you. Like my little man.

It’s no wonder that he is my Ultimate Why. He is the reason I want to get healthy. So I can play with him regularly and for longer periods of time. So I can chase him around. So I can easily kneel down and get on his level to talk about the big, hard, 5-year-old things. So I can wear a dress to his preschool graduation. So I’ll be there for the soccer games and the first dates and the drivers’ tests and all the little things that make a little boy’s life worth living. So that he’ll know he is loved and cherished and that Mommy will do her very best to always be there for him.

Just like he’s here for me, sleeping right next to me, reminding me that he needs me to stick around for a long time. Just that much.

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