Rewinds Are What Bring Us Together Today

Make sure you read that right: It’s “rewinds,” not “rewards.” 

I’m behind on my Noom curriculum.  Again.  For the bazillionth time.  And I’ve asked my Noom coach to reset my curriculum by two weeks.  Again.  For the bazillionth time. 

I feel like an utter failure at this app.  I still believe in it. I still believe this time around will be different.  Except here we are in April and things haven’t exactly been different yet.  I haven’t lost weight.  I haven’t made it past week 3 in my Noom course.  I haven’t met my step goals.  I haven’t haven’t haven’t haven’t haven’t. 

Ah, but haven’t I? 

Three awesome things I’ve done for myself this past week: 

  1. I saw my nutritionist again.  We made a mock meal plan and talked very specifically about what foods and plans will fit into my lifestyle and what won’t.  We talked through the “what-ifs” and the discouragement and the doubt.  And I walked away feeling a ton encouraged and equipped to make better food choices in the weeks ahead.
  2. I took this info and plan from my nutritionist and I made a grocery list of mostly healthy foods.  I gotta keep some junk around for the hubby and the preschooler, but for the most part, I stocked up on veggies, frozen breakfasts, bagel thins, and sparkling water to help stay within my calorie budget this week.
  3. I rewound my Noom coursework by two weeks so I can start afresh tomorrow and keep going.  My yesterday is not my today and my today is not my tomorrow.  Just because I missed the course work over two weeks, doesn’t mean I have to keep missing it.

Slow-going is still going and I am still going.

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