Starting weight: 262.5
Current weight: 259.5
Pounds lost: 3.0
Next weight goal: 255.0

Starting BMI: 45.1 
Current BMI: 44.5
Starting BMI designation: Morbidly obese
Current BMI designation: Morbidly obese
Next BMI goal: 43.8

Water intake: I honestly can’t recall drinking any water at all today
Weekly Step Goal: 1,100-3,200
Steps Today: 3,325

Two wins for today: 1) I remembered to wear my VeryFitPro fitness tracker today!  2) I figured out the problem with my Noom and my VeryFitPro not synching and was able to fix it!  Yessssssss!

Haven’t stuck to the meal plan yet this week.  Major hiccup: I didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping this weekend and so we don’t actually have most of the ingredients I need to follow it.  I’ve been improvising in some areas and just tossing it out the window in others.  Tonight was a pizza and early bedtime night so things didn’t really improve any for today. 

Also tonight, though, I’ll be taking those big goals from Sunday and breaking them down into smaller SMART goals.  What is a SMART goal?  So glad you asked!  (You didn’t, but Imma tell you anyway.)

SMART goals are:


So, in order to attain my big goal of meal planning this week, I have to break that down into what it realistically entails.

Specific: Make a grocery list based on your meal plan
Measurable: The goal will be accomplished when the list is finished
Attainable: I can do this on my lunch break tomorrow or when I get home from work tomorrow night
Relevant: I can’t grocery shop without a grocery list
Time-based: My deadline to finish my grocery list is midnight tomorrow

Which will end up bringing me to the next SMART goal.

Specific: Go grocery shopping
Measurable: The goal will be accomplished when I put the groceries away
Attainable: Hmmm… here’s where I get tripped up.

I simply do not know how to grocery shop during the work week.  I could do small batches over my lunch breaks, but that feels exhausting.  I could do it after work, but that leaves no time to actually make the dinner I shopped for before having to put Kiddo to bed.  Getting up earlier is not really an option.

Conclusion: Grocery shopping before Saturday just is not an attainable goal.  If I set that goal, I will set myself up to fail. And, if I’m not going to grocery shop, there’s no point in making the grocery list.  But, what I CAN do tomorrow, instead, is to make a new meal plan based on what’s already in the house.  It won’t be as pretty or as diet-friendly, but it will be tasty and hopefully keep Hubby and Kiddo happy.

Sooooo……… new SMART goal:

Specific: Make new meal plan for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Measurable: The goal will be accomplished when I have double checked that I have all the ingredients I need already in the house
Attainable: I can make a draft meal plan over lunch tomorrow and double check the pantry tomorrow after work
Relevant: We gotta eat something, whether it’s less than 600 calories or not
Time-Based: Has to be done tomorrow so that I can put it into action Thursday morning

Yes, this sounds good.  Here’s to the help of SMART goals!

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