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So rewards update. Not that y’all particularly *need* to know every detail of my weight loss plan, but it helps me to write it all out.

Because food is neither good nor bad (see previous post), it isn’t helpful to use food as a reward for weight-loss. So I’m revamping my rewards system a bit. 

215: Cheap Webkinz from dollar store or AC Moore 
210: Paint my nails a funky color 
205: “New” dress from thrift store 
200: It-Works weight loss and wrap system from Leila! 
195: Cheap Webkinz 
190: Buy cheapest thing off my Amazon wish list 
180: “New” dress from thrift store 
175: Buy cheapest book off my Amazon wish list 
170: Celebrate pre-pregnancy weight with Hubby by going on a fancy date! 
165: Cheap Webkinz 
160: Buy cheapest CD off my Amazon wish list 
155: Crazy Daisies 
150: “New” dress from thrift store 
145: Celebrate reaching pre-wedding weight with a mani-pedi! 
140: New hair colors (yes colors, plural) with my stylist 
135: Nose ring!! 
130: NEW dress from NY & Co! 
125: New Webkinz 
120: Buy that purple stand mixer I’ve always wanted!!!!! 

Yes, I think this will help. đŸ™‚ 

New year. New me. 

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