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So my good friend Ryan saw my last blog post and PM’ed me about a new weight-loss motivation site called I checked it out, googled around, and it seems pretty legit. It’s been featured on NPR and NBC, Time Magazine and the Washington Post, and a host of other sites and news outlets.

So I placed my HealthyWager. I am betting $25/month for 12 months that I will lose 60 lbs by Jan 3, 2020. That’s a little more than one pound per week. If I win my bet and lose the weight by that date, I will win – wait for it – $1,128. 

My friend who turned me on to it has his own bet going right now. He says he bet high enough that it would be hard on him to lose the money, so it motivates him to keep going. 

I think this is great. I figure it’s cheaper per month than WeightWatchers or another weight loss program, and I don’t want to lose $300 next year, either. I’ve already noticed a change in my water drinking habits, my portion control, and exercise levels. First week in and I’m 1 lb down! 

If you decide to check it out (which I highly recommend), use my referral link! You’ll earn $40 to add to your prize and I’ll earn $40 to add to mine! 

Let me know what you all think in the comments! 

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