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So I’m not sure where I went wrong. My first three weeks of micro-changes went fairly well. New habits established. Healthy attitudes. Consistent positivity.

Then Week 4 hit, with new challenges. I really didn’t change all that much. 10 jumping jacks to 15. Set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier and change the snooze amount. Add more water. Seemingly easy, right? 


I have snoozed my alarm 4 times every day, if not more. 
I have ordered large coffees with extra shots from Starbucks. 
I have done 0 jumping jacks.
I have binge eaten pizza, chocolate cake, candy, and macaroni and cheese. 
I don’t even know where the weight-loss binder is. 

On a positive note, my water intake is still good. I crave water and don’t usually want anything else anymore, even milk, and definitely not soda. In fact, I opened a soda last night and just realized I never drank it. 

My updates to my micro-changes don’t really seem all that drastically different, so why am I having such a problem with the new updates? Really nothing is all that different. 

I think part of it is my depression. Part of it is laziness. Part of it is exhaustion from having a toddler. Part of it is skipping out on my therapist last week. Part of it is feeling fat and ugly anyway so why bother? 

So I’m resetting the dates. I can’t go backwards, but I can go forward. I started the 30 Day Small Changes Challenge and am checking in to Spark People every day. (14 day streak!) I’m writing my changes down on paper instead of just on this blog so that I can easily access and read through them every morning to remind myself of the promises I’m making to myself. 

Cause that’s what this really is all about. Promising myself a healthier life. It’s about losing weight, sure, but if it was just about that, I’d be killing myself following the diet and exercise plans every day. This is about a permanent, promising life change to get healthy and stay healthy and I can only do that through baby steps and micro-changes. So here they are again, dates reset. 

January 30-February 28. That’s right, I’m going to do a whole month instead of only three weeks. That way, the habits really have time to set in. 

1 – Set my alarm for 6:30 and allow myself only one snooze. 
2 – Drink two glasses of water for every cup of coffee. 
3 – Order a medium latte/mocha from Starbucks instead of a large. (Yes, I’m resetting this one. Buying a small right now just was not sustainable and I ended up binge drinking ventis with extra shots. So I’m sticking with mediums for the time being.) 
4 – Do 15 jumping jacks after every bathroom break, **no matter where I am.** 
5 – Follow as much of the diet plan on SparkPeople as I can without changing my shopping habits. Yet. (Remember, baby steps. The full-blown diet following will start later, after this habit is made.) 
6 – Carry a water bottle with me everywhere. 

New year. New me. 

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